About Us

MultiRoofing Systems Ltd was established in 1992 to meet the needs of a growing construction industry in Ireland. Through organic sustainable growth, MultiRoofing Systems now finds itself a market leader as a building envelope specialist contractor.

With offices in Dublin, Cork, London and Poznan, we are well positioned to offer our clients the quality building solutions they have become accustomed to.

Our clients range from government departments, to retail giants and from leading main contractors to international pharmaceutical companies and everything in between. We pride ourselves on offering all clients the best possible solutions, tailored to fit their specific requirements.

We are approved installers for the industry's leading manufacturers of roofing, cladding and structural waterproofing products. It is the strong relationship we share with our suppliers that enables MultiRoofing Systems to consistently move with the times and adapt to the technical advancements made within the industry.

Our reputation within the construction industry for meeting our clients expectations is well known, it has always been our mantra that you can only be judged on recent performance, rather than rest on previous achievements. We have only been able to live up to this statement by consistently introducing new technologies and building advancements into our business practices, allowing us to improve quality and reduce costs.