Quality Policy

At MultiRoofing Systems Ltd, we believe in the provision of services that consistently exceed the requirements of our customers. We achieve this through continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.  We believe that Quality is Customer Satisfaction.

We adhere to strict guidelines in our system of quality control, namely

  • paying particular attention to all relevant legislation, regulations and government guidance
  • meeting industry codes of best practice
  • ensuring that all employees know and understand our policy of quality control
  • seeking to reduce building materials waste
  • seeking to use the most environmentally efficient means of transport
  • using registered waste disposal companies or licensed tips for the disposal of waste materials, particularly hazardous waste
  • keeping sites clean and tidy - ensuring minimum disturbance and disruption to clients and their neighbours.

At MultiRoofing we understand the importance of making the right decision and we can help our customers to achieve their vision with confidence. Customer satisfaction is the key to our commercial philosophy